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Chapter 2 • A Strange Dream and New Invention

While he slept, Cozmo had a strange dream. His anti-gravity hat kept flying away. Like a bad little puppy that won’t listen, the hat jumped back and forth and would not stay above his head. He continued to dream that he was chasing the anti-gravity hat. As he ran faster and faster, the hat began to grow larger and larger. Then, strangely, without knowing when it happened or even realizing that something had changed, Cozmic Cat found that he was no longer chasing his anti-gravity hat. Now he was chasing his drum set which was flying ahead of him and was just out of reach. Then, when he felt as if he was about to catch the drum set, there was a loud “Crash!” All the symbols on the drum set rang out at once. “Crash! Bang! Boom!” He woke up to the sounds of banging and smashing objects coming from the kitchen.
The three fairy sisters were hungry for more raspberry jam and were trashing the kitchen in an effort to find more. As Cozmic Cat walked into the kitchen they all greeted him with a big “Hi Cozmo, where’s the raspberry jam!”
“You ate it all this morning.” He responded. “But there is a bottle of honey over there if you like.”
Cozmo then told the three fairy guitar sisters about his strange dream. After listening with all their attention they huddled together and began to whisper to one another. After a few moments they finished whispering, turned around and looked straight into Cozmic Cats eyes. “We think you should build the anti-gravity drum set you dreamt about.” They all said together.
“Of course!” He cried out. “That’s what my dream was all about. The crowd is going to go wild when they see me flying on the anti-gravity drum set at my next concert. “With a few adjustments to the plans that I’ve made for the anti-gravity hat I will be able to turn the drum set into a flying machine. My only problem is going to be finding the parts I need to build the anti-gravity drum set.”
Hearing this, the three fairy guitar sisters all began to shout out at once. “I want to help!”
“I would love for you to help,” responded the feline genius “but my work is very complicated and I do not think you will be able to understand the plans.”
Flying over to Cozmo’s computer, the three guitar fairies began to study his plans. They studied the plans for quite a while and then began speaking with each other quietly. Pointing at the plan they all spoke to Cozmic Cat at once saying, “You made a mistake”.
“What did you say?” Cozmic Cat responded laughing with surprise. “I made a mistake. How can you three understand enough to be able to tell me that I made a mistake? “ But when he looked he discovered they were right! “How can you all understand my invention?” He asked them.
Each of us has a Ph. D.” Responded Splash. “Yes, we are very smart.” Said Blast, emphasizing the “very”. “And, as you can see we all have wings. So, we know how to fly.” Responded Blam.
“Sounds great.” Cozmo told them. “I would love for you all to help me build the anti-gravity drum set. Lets start building!” After working all night, Cozmo and the three guitar fairies completed the anti-gravity drum set and got ready to play at the big concert.

Cozmic Cat Chasing the drumset in his dreams drawing by Rick Clement
Cozmic Cat dreamed that he was chasing the anti-gravity hat.
Cozmic Cat Chasing the drumset in his dreams drawing by Rick Clement Then without knowing what happened, he was now chasing his drum set.
Cozmic Cat Chasing the drumset in his dreams drawing by Rick Clement Cozmic Cat and the three Fairies check over the plans for the anti-gravity drum set.
drawing of Guitar Faries By Rick Clement "They found everything they needed to build the anti-gravity drum set."

Cozmic Cat and His Anti Gravity Hat • Copyright 2014 Rick Clement