Cozmic Cat Puzzles Jack in the Black

Heading for the Intergalactic Inka Princess and Cozmic cat Story

Chapter 1 • A Short Conversation

Jack in the Black, spirit and soul of the black hole, gazed across the galaxy and watched as Daizy, the Intergalactic Inca Princess, danced among the shimmering starry flowers.

“Jack I know you’re watching me.” Daizy’s voice echoed across the galaxy.

“It’s because you are so beautiful” answered Jack. “Are you planning a party? I hear that Eeeyoo Eeeyooo will be celebrating his birthday and that you are planning a party for him.”“Yes and you are welcome to watch and listen but I would appreciate if you would not capture my guests. I don’t understand why you are so cruel. Anytime anyone gets close to you, you capture them and hold them forever in your cold dark world.”

“It’s the nature of who I am.” Replied Jack. “I am a black hole.”

With her silver boots sparkling, the Intergalactic Inca Princess flew towards the black hole. She then looked straight into the eyes of Jack in the Black and spoke. “I understand, but that does not help me very much with my friends who are afraid to come and visit because of you.”

“Well it doesn’t help me very much,” replied Jack “that I am able to capture anything in the universe that gets too close to me except what I desire the most. And what I desire the most is the closest thing to me.”

“You know that it is the laws of physics and the universe that prevent us from being together.” Daizy replied. She then flew back to her palace where she continued to make preparations for the party.

“Lets see.” Daizy said to herself. “What more needs to be done? I’ve got to get these invitations out today!” She checked the calendar just to assure herself of what she already knew and decided to finish sending the invitations immediately.

Most of the guests would be coming from the Jamlands so she would send those invitations by sound waves. Daizy sang a song and adjusted her voice so that each invitation would ride on the correct sound wave to reach its destination. All the invitations were handwritten on the petals of a starflower. “Of course” she said to herself “the invitations to Earth should go by shooting star”. This was because the Earth was quite a long distance from Daizy’s Starcastle and voice waves might be broken apart before reaching the Earth. Daizy looked over her guest list to see who would be traveling from Earth.

Daizy looked over her guest list and saw a name she did not recognize. “Cozmic Cat? I wonder... Who is Cozmic Cat?” She thought to herself. “Lets see, it looks like he is a friend of Eeeyoo Eeeyooo and the three fairy guitar sisters Splash, Blam and Blast. I better include a special note warning him not to get near Jack in the Black.” Once she had finished writing the invitation she sent it flying across the universe where the invitation landed with a flash on the front door step of Cozmo the drumming cat.

Jack in the Black Gazing at Daizy the Intergalactic Inca Princess
Jack in the Black Gazing at Daizy the Intergalactic Inca Princess
Drawing of the Intergalactic Inca Princess haveing a conversation with Jack in the Black
Jack in the Black and Daizy talk about the birthday party she will be hosting.

Cozmic Cat and the Intergalactic Inca Princess • Copyright 2014 Rick Clement